Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Don't wait until it's too late! Fix your scooter for the Holidays! Authorized RAZOR Parts Distributor & Service Center!

Ready for the 2015 Holidays?! is an Authorized RAZOR Scooter Parts & Service Center. We are a full service Razor scooter repair shop, and stock all the parts you need for your RAZOR Scooter or Razor product. Fix up your scooter for the holidays, and put that smile back on your face as you zoom down the street. Don't wait until its too late!

If you are looking for a Razor Dune Buggy Wheel Set, Dirt Quad controller or Pocket Mod battery? We have them all. We have motors for Razor scooters, tires, tubes,  controllers,  throttles,  wheels,  chargers,  batteries and much more for all Razor electric scooters. Find your Razor Part at 

We have an amazing selection of Razor E100, E200, E300 battery packs. We stock OEM Razor batteries for the MX350, MX400, MX500, MX650, Drifter, Go Kart, Dune Buggy & Quad Batteries here:  Razor Electric Scooter Batteries 

Replacement 24 volt Razor 2amp scooter chargers are always in stock at Superkids Online. We have chargers for every Razor Scooter! Razor E100 charger, E200 charger, E300 charger, Razor MX350 charger, MX500 charger,  MX650 charger, Razor Quad charger, Pocket Mod charger, Pocket Rocket charger, GO Kart charger, Drifter charger, Ground Force & Dune Buggy chargers. scooter chargers can located here :  Razor Scooter Chargers

If your razor scooter is not working, replacing the controller is usually the solution. We have all Razor Scooter throttles & Control Modules! E100 Controller, E200 Controller, E300 Controller,  MX350 Controller, MX500 Controller, MX650 Dirt Rocket Controller, Quad Controller, Dune Buggy Controller, Pocket Rocket Controller, Pocket Mod & Drifter Control modules and throttles for every Razor product can be found here: Razor Electrical Kits (Controllers & Throttles)

Replacement Razor wheels, tires and tubes. Flat tire? We have the tube you need! Bald tires? We have OEM Razor replacement tires for every Razor product. We also have complete Razor front and rear wheels assemblies.  Take a look at our wheel section, and find the size you need for your Razor Scooter. E100 wheel, E200 tire, E300 tube, MX350 wheel, MX500 wheel, MX650 Dirt Rocket tires, Quad wheel, Dune Buggy wheel, Pocket Rocket wheels, Pocket Mod wheel & Drifter Tire & Inner Tubes for every Razor product here: Razor Scooter Wheels, Tires & Tubes

Our complete Razor scooter part section is here: RAZOR Electric Scooter Parts

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